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Salary History
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Civil Engineering Technicians
All industries
17-3022 660 5.23 1.78 $29,990
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Compensation Summary

Civil Engineering Technicians working in Nebraska can expect to earn a median cash salary of $42,840 or $20.60 per hour. The median wage is the 50th percentile wage estimate--50 percent of workers earn less than the median and 50 percent of workers earn more.

Half of the people in this job earn between $33,280 ($16.00 per hour) and $52,450 ($25.20 per hour)(i.e., between the 25th and 75th percentiles). An entry level worker can expect to earn $29,990 ($14.40 per hour) while an experienced worker can expect to earn $50,715 ($24.40 per hour).

Annual wages have been calculated by multiplying the hourly wage by a "year-round, full-time" hours figure of 2080 hours. For those occupations where there is not an hourly wage published, the annual wage has been directly calculated from the reported survey data.

These estimates are based on 69 mail surveys of establishments in the area taken between November, 2007 and May, 2010 and have a relative standard error of 1.78%. The relative standard error (RSE) is a measure of the reliability of a survey statistic. The smaller the relative standard error, the more precise the estimate.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

Apply theory and principles of civil engineering in planning, designing, and overseeing construction and maintenance of structures and facilities under the direction of engineering staff or physical scientists.

pie chart showing relative employment by industry for this job
scatter graph showing 25th, 50th, and 75th percentiles and the entry and experienced wage legend for the scatter graph

Nebraska Department of Labor - Office of Labor Market Information - OES - 4th Q 2014